Capability Enhancement Activities

Ever since its inception in 1977, Govt. College for Women, Parade Ground has been committed to furnish the society with empowered, educated and well groomed human resources, obligated to play an active role in development of their motherland. The Campus is abode to students hailing from varied backgrounds, exhibiting diversity in culture, affluence, language, and urbanisation. The College takes pride in maintaining a peaceful coexistence amongst its students despite the fact that differences in opinion, aptitude and attitude may be expected to create a divergence amongst distinct groups. Various Capacity building activities, offering a blend of antiquity with modernity, are organised to cater to all round development of students.  The latter, thus, become adept at modern trends of technology while holding on to the rich cultural heritage and values. Honing communication skills, soft skills and various life skills is the main focus of the education system in the College.

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