Manodarpan: Psychological Counselling Cell

In the Psychological counseling cell professional counselor caters to the career, social, personal, emotional & psychological needs of the students.
In 2020 under the initiative of Ministry of Education, Govt. of India, under ¬ĎMANODARPAN scheme the Psychological Counselling cell took special awareness drive to cater to stressful condition among students, parents and teachers to deal with the challenges of COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

S.No. Position Name Department
1. Convener Dr Piyali Arora Department of Psychology
2. Member Dr Palak Malhotra Department of Psychology
3. Member Dr Sabnam Tahira Department of Zoology
4. Member Dr Gurpreet Kour Department of Chemistry
5. Member Dr Pervaiz Ahmed Department of Zoology
6. Member Dr Bhawandeep Kour Department of Zoology
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