National Service Scheme (NSS)

National Service Scheme (NSS) aims at arousing social consciousness of the youth with an overall objective of personality development of the students through community service. The college has 4 units, having one Programme officer and 100 students in each unit. They are required to extend 120 hrs of social service per year besides participation in two camps organized by the NSS unit of the college. Students are given certificates by University of Jammu for rendering service in the field. The activities include: Improvement of campus, Constructive work in adopted villages and tree plantation.

Celebration of World Water Day
Date of the Event: 22nd March 2021
Approximate Number of Volunteers: 50
NSS Volunteers commemorates World Water Day on the theme, "Valuing Water". Volunteers also participated in slogan making and debate competition.

Seminar On World Forest Day
Date of the Event: 21st March 2021
Approximate Number of Volunteers: 50
NSS Unit of the College organised a seminar on the theme, "FOREST RESTORATION: a path to recovery and Well being" commemorating World Forest Day. Activities like poster making competition were also a part of the event.

Sadak Suraksha, Jeevan Raksha
Date of the Event: 15th February 2021
Approximate Number of Volunteers: 30
NSS Volunteers along with NCC cadets, observed Road Safety Week. They also attempted an event on "Sadak Suraksha, Jeeven Raksha" at Gulshan Ground, Police line, Jammu.