Alumnae Corner

An alumnae network allows the institution to benefit from the skills and experience of the graduate, by offering their support to the students, to the institution and to each other. If kept properly informed and engaged alumnae are the most loyal supporters and best ambassadors offering invaluable marketing and promotion across their personal & professional network. The reputation of an institute grows when it keeps producing successful graduates continuously. It is about giving back. Alumnae are not our past- they are our future. It is therefore strategic for the institution of higher learning to establish and maintain good relations with its alumnae by inviting them in decision making, network building and towards the overall advancement of the institutions. An active alumnae association can contribute in academic matters, student supports as well as in mobilization of resources- financial and non-financial.
Alumnae associations assist their alma mater in recruiting new students, offer potential students scholarships develop mentoring relationships with the students body and often support research expansion. Further alumnae bring in needed revenue through donations, which can help institution weather the perfect storm of financial issues.
We consider our alumnae to be our assets and ambassadors and we are constantly exploring new ways of engaging with alumnae across the world.
Alumnae can contact us at email-id: [email protected]


The Glorious Alumnae of Govt. College for Women, Parade Ground, Jammu


Contribution of Alumna to the Development of the Institution through Financial and other support Services.


Alumnae Activities

Alumnae Meet 2022

Alumnae Meet held on 10th December 2022

Glimpses of Virtual Alumae Meet 2021


Parent Teacher Meeting-1
Parent Teacher Meeting -2
National Youth Parliament