Virtual Laboratory

The expansion of the information and communication technology (ICT) in Education Sector has strongly influenced many domains of our lives. Distance learning based on the Internet technology is becoming more and more popular nowadays. In this context remote virtual laboratories are very useful tools. Students can access virtual instruments via a computer network and carry out real experiments directly by using a standard Web browser. The idea behind establishment of virtual laboratory is to provide students a chance to perform experiments using the internet and visual aids without having the physical equipments at their end. The Virtual lab program presents a unique opportunity to boost the quality of education, deepen understanding, provide easier experiment modification, efficient result recording and also provide the necessary practical skills to young minds through cost effective outreach and distance learning activities.
The Higher Education Department, Government of Jammu and Kashmir (UT) in its e-Learning initiative of bringing education to the doorsteps of learners studying in various Degree Colleges of the UT has taken the initiative for the establishment of Virtual labs in all the Degree Colleges of UT. The Higher Education Department has proposed to set up Common Virtual Labs at various Degree Colleges in collaboration with IIT Mumbai. This is an MHRD initiative of setting up these virtual labs at various remote place of the country under its e-learning project. To accomplish the project the Higher Education Department has identified various regions and nodes wherein these colleges will be hosting these virtual labs.

  Virtual Lab

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