College Hostel

Dr. Krishna Mohan Girls Hostel
Hostel accommodation is provided to the students who hail from far off places. Due to constraint of limited accommodation, the admission to the hostel is made on the basis of merit in the qualifying examination. In case two or more applicants fall in the same merit, preference would be given to the one with lowest family income as certified by the concerned Tehsildar. However, some seats are reserved for the wards of Indian Army personnel, Central Govt. employees and students belonging to SC/ST category.
(Note: In adherence to COVID Protocol, Hostel shall remain closed till the Govt. allows its reopening)
A student shall be required to submit a certificate in support of her place of residence, duly signed by employer of her parent or first class magistrate. Students suffering from any chronic infectious disease are not eligible for hostel accommodation. Gap cases are not eligible for admission to hostel.
The Principal, in all matters, has the discretion to accept or reject the request for admission to the hostel and, in no case, a student can assert her claim.
The intake capacity of the Hostel is 228 students
Application for admission to the hostel shall be made by the student by submitting a duly filled in prescribed application form (available with the college office) to the concerned section.Reservation as per UGC norms is taken into consideration while allotment of seats in the hostel. Applicants are required to submit three passport sized photographs along with the application form.
  • Photocopies of Mark Lists of qualifying examination
  • Income Certificate issued by competent authority
  • Medical Certificate for Fitness issued by a registered practitioner.
  • Photocopy of Category Certificate (if applicable) issued by competent authority.
The following facilities are available to students in the hostel:
  • Well ventilated, shared accommodation for three students per room.
  • Mess arrangement
  • Reading room
  • Common dining hall
  • Common room
  • First Aid facility

On selection for admission to the hostel the student shall be required to deposit the following fee as fixed by the Government.
  • Admission fee Rs. 10
  • Rent Rs. 200 (per annum)
  • Electricity charges Rs. 200
  • Water charges Rs. 50
  • Furniture fund Rs. 200 Utensils/crockery breakage Rs. 50
  • Sports/entertainment fund Rs. 50
  • Reading room fund Rs. 50
  • Medical aid fund Rs. 30
  • Service maintenance charges Rs. 660
  • Hostel security (for 1st year) Rs. 200

Total annual fee for 1st and 2nd Semester Rs. 1700
Annual Fee for IIIrd and IVth Semester Rs.1500 (Excluding Hostel Security)
Mess Fee Rs. 2000 (per Month, subject to change)
Mess Security Rs. 1500 (for Ist Semester only)

(To be deposited at the time of admission and to be refunded after VI semester) * Tentative - Subject to change
The students are required to follow the below mentioned rules in the hostel:
  • No student shall change her allotted room without the prior permission of college administration.
  • Boarders are not allowed to leave the hostel even to live temporarily elsewhere unless permitted by the competent authority on the written request by the parent.
  • In the event of any emergency that demands the boarders to leave the college, they are required to sign in the register and give details of such a need. Strict disciplinary action will be taken for not reporting back in time. The students are also required to record their arrival on their return.
  • The warden is authorized to check the students’ rooms any time.
  • Parents are required to stay in touch with college authorities and visit their wards once a month if possible.
  • The name of the boarders remaining absent continuously will be struck off.
  • In case of illness, the hostel warden should be informed.
  • Boarders are required to vacate hostel during vacations.
  • Ragging in the hostel is strictly banned.
  • Best hosteller award will be given to the student who has an impeccable behavior.
  • Indiscipline of any nature will be dealt with strictness by the college authorities. The warning will be issued by the competent authority. If it goes unheeded, action under rules will be initiated. Further insensitivity to discipline will lead to expulsion of the boarder from the hostel by the competent authority.
  • Visitors are not allowed to visit the students in their rooms. No guest is allowed to stay overnight.
  • During holidays and other vacations, boarders must lock the room and keep the keys with the warden.
  • Students are required to take proper care of their belongings. The management shall not be responsible for any loss.
  • The cost of any damage to the room, furniture or facilities provided therein, arising out of improper use shall be borne by the student.
  • Applicants are required to submit a list of expected visitors, duly signed by the parent/guardian and three passport sized photographs of the visitors, along with the application form.
  • Amusement of any kind which is likely to disturb others, is not allowed.

  • At the time of admission to the hostel, two months fees will have to be deposited in advance wherein one Month fee will be adjusted in the last month of the session.
  • Mess charges are to be paid in advance up to 10th of every month. A fine of Rs.10/- per day will be imposed after the due date.
  • Students will not be allowed to stay in the hostel and dine in the mess if they fail to pay the dues within one month.
  • Students are required to pay all the dues before they vacate the accommodation during vacations. They will not be readmitted if they fail to do so and their security fee will not be refunded.
  • External Examination Roll No. Slip will be issued only after the production of NOC from the hostel warden.
  • All the hostel students ought to stay in the hostel till their last examination of the current session and pay the mess fee for the entire session.
  • Students who leave the hostel before end of academic session shall not be eligible to get their hostel security refund and will not be readmitted in the hostel in the next academic session.
  • Hostel mess will be managed by the inmates of the hostel on rotational basis

  • Students are responsible for proper maintenance of rooms and the furniture provided therein.
  • Proper bedding shall be brought by the students themselves.
  • Use of electric heaters, electric kettle and other electric appliances is strictly prohibited. LED bulbs to be used
  • Boarders will make sure that lights and fans are switched off while leaving the room. Negligence in this regard can result in expulsion from the hostel.

  • No meal shall be served outside the dining hall.
  • Students are required to come in proper dress to the dining hall (night dress, bathroom sleepers are not allowed).


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